The Tech Investor

Itís difficult to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology, so how does one find out about the companies behind the latest technological trends? By reading The Tech Investor.

The Tech Investor will provide in-depth analysis of a single technology trend each month. Our Tech Trends article will describe the technology behind the trend as well as its current and future applications, and where the technology may lead us in the future.

Our primary focus is on public companies that we think may be well positioned to leverage the technology trend over the long term. Private and foreign companies that may be positioned well may also be included. We may cover some of these companies in our Trend Setters articles.

For every trend there is often one or more forces that may be working against the adoption of a technology. We cover these in our Countertrends section.

Read The Tech Investor and each month you will come away with a fresh insight into a trend, and possibly a new candidate for your portfolio.

It is important to diversify the holdings in one's portfolio. The technology component of a portfolio should be diversified as well. Our goal in publishing The Tech Investor is to introduce to our subscribers a wide range of strong technology companies with which to achieve a well diversified portfolio. Although traders may find useful leads to companies associated with trends, our main objective is to uncover good candidate companies for investors.

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